Decorating kids spaces with books

Kids book display Decorating with books is one of the oldest tricks in the book, pardon the pun.

For kids spaces the trend is to display the books on the wall rather than stacking them on a shelf. To do this you can use picture rail shelves or my favorite, the see through Perspex shelves like in the picture above (from ubabub). Oh so stylish.

I love this trend for a couple of reasons. First, your little one is more likely to interact with the books which in turn will encourage his or her love for reading, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a good thing. Second, you will have a ton of fun working the display so it becomes a piece of art, a little masterpiece.

If you decide to go down this path you will be wanting some beautiful books to display that your wee ones will love.

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Parrot Flower Power Pros and Cons


Flower power image 1


Review stars - 4 star



I was contacted by PR Agency to test a product called the Parrot Flower Power for their client. I regularly get these types of emails and usually pass as nothing has interested me before but on this occasion I agreed as it was something I wanted to try.

In a nutshell the Parrot Flower Power is a clever little device you stick into the soil next to your plant and it measures the health of your plant in terms of moisture and fertilizer levels, temperature and light. It then sends this information along with any advice for improvement to your iPhone.

It’s useful for someone like me who regularly kills plants as I know very little about how to take care of them. With this nifty device I now don’t have to leave it all to luck.

Before I get into the pros and cons, here is how it works in a bit more detail. Continue reading

Inspired by her

This is your calling













Last week Helaina’s room was featured on Apartment Therapy as well as Her Canberra. In fact Her Canberra did a full article on it when normally this much real estate is only reserved for entire house tours. And of course you already know that it featured on Interiors Addict last month.

If I am to be honest I’m a bit bewildered at the response I’ve been getting. When I first finished the room I was pretty happy with it but I thought maybe it was because it had been decorated according to my taste. Then all who saw it seemed to love it. At this point I said to myself they’re my friends and family, they’re supposed to be supportive, they’re not going to tell me to my face if they don’t like it.

Then there was this room of the month competition that The Wall Sticker Company ran. I thought well why not enter, it can’t hurt and on that note I might as well send it to a few blogs I read. Don’t be afraid to ask but don’t get your hopes up right? I never thought I would win or actually get featured by anyone.  Come on I mean these blogs are really really popular with followers in the hundreds of thousands. Somebody suggested it’s like being on a Rockstar’s blog and they’re not wrong.

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Ways to add to your art collection

buid an art collection - issues

This is a follow on from my previous post Creative ways to build an art collection on a budget. A bit of time has past since I wrote that last post and I have discovered some more creative ways to add to my collection.

In our home the collection ranges from gallery purchased pieces worth several thousand dollars to funky typography pieces I have created myself. One thing you will never find in our house is art from the chain stores like IKEA or Freedom. You might think I’m being snobbish but in this particular case I’m okey with that.

In this post I want to share with you the ways in which I continue to build my art collection without breaking the piggy bank. I’ve broken up the tips into two categories. (1) Art that maybe worth something one day, and (2) Just for the love of it. Continue reading

Review: Amazonas Kangoo Hammock pros and cons

Baby hammock













Review stars - 3 star



It’s so hard when you are a first time parent to figure out what you need for your new born, especially around their safe sleeping. I know my head was spinning with all that was available out there claiming their product was the best thing since slice bread.

I was also frustrated to find that information labelled ‘reviews’ were nothing more than sponsored posts where the writers had never actually used the products themselves. So on Hammer and Heels you won’t find a review of something I haven’t used myself and I will always give you my honest opinion on the product.

Ok so let’s look at the Amazonas
My daughter Helaina had her day time sleeps in this hammock for about five months.

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